10 Food Items That Can Help You Keep Your Diabetes In Control

Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions in the world today. Your blood sugar level is abnormally high when you have this condition. It happens due to the lack of insulin in the body. If left unchecked, diabetes can lead to severe conditions like stroke, cancer, and heart diseases.

Having diabetes does not mean that you have to eat bland food. However, the diabetic food list has everything you will need to stay healthy and free from the complications caused by the disease.

Here are foods that you must include on your diabetes food list.

  • Avocado
    This rich and creamy vegetable has several benefits. It aids in digestion and keeps the blood sugar under control after a meal. It has the healthy fats that will help with the insulin resistance and stabilize the blood sugar levels in the long term. You can use avocados in sandwiches or salads and keep your insulin levels in control.
  • Olive Oil
    Olive oil must be in your diabetic food list. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds that are known to help patients with diabetes. It is used in the Mediterranean diet which is the best diet to prevent heart diseases. The healthy fats that are present in olive oil help with the digestion and prevents your glucose count from increasing. You can use olive oil in salads, pasta, or in any dish you prepare at home.
  • Whole Grain Foods
    White bread or pasta is very harmful and can cause an immediate spike in the glucose levels. Switching to whole grain can help you keep your blood sugar levels in control. Whole grain foods take longer to digest and so they also assist in maintaining the metabolism fast. Refined foods lose all the nutrition in them. Instead, you can go for whole grain foods that are a lot more beneficial to you.
  • Oatmeal
    Oatmeal is the first dish that is suggested to people who are diagnosed with diabetes and it should be on their food list. It is loaded with soluble fibers when mixed with water. Oatmeal takes longer to digest and so it ensures that all the nutrition gets absorbed. If you don’t like oatmeal, you can add it to waffles or pancakes.
  • Fish
    We know that fish helps keep heart diseases at bay. It reduces the inflammation in the body that contributes to insulate resistance and diabetes. Having fish once a week can have a significant impact on reducing your blood sugar levels. Many studies show that eating fish has several medical benefits. If you don’t already have it, make it a part of your diet to combat diabetes.
  • Carrots
    Carrots are a wealthy source of beta-carotene. It lowers the risk of diabetes and controls the blood sugar. Carrots taste better if you cut it and flavor it with olive oil.
    Carrots do have the type of sugar that gets converted to blood sugar easily. However, it is present in minimal amounts. So, do not hesitate to have as many carrots in your diet as you want.
  • Eggs
    Eggs are high in protein and a must-have in your diet. It is the best food to go for if you are looking to increase your protein intake. What brings it to the diabetes food list is that it keeps you feeling full for many hours. This will reduce the junk you eat. It helps in weight loss which in turn will help keep your blood pressure under control.
  • Broccoli
    If you haven’t heard enough good things about this vegetable, here is another. It is filled with antioxidants, fibers, and chromium that helps control the blood sugar in the long term. You can include it in soup, salad, or any other diabetic food which is on the list.
  • Berries
    These delicious fruits are also on the diabetes food lists due to a compound called anthocyanins. They are commonly present in the red and blue versions of berries. The compound helps lower your blood sugar levels and boost the insulin production in your body. You can have as many berries as you want.
  • Beef
    Beef is considered a diabetic friendly food as long as you choose the lean portions and limit yourself to having half a plate. Having the right amount will help you maintain muscle mass and keep your metabolism high. Beef can be used with are a variety of dishes. These foods can help you fight diabetes in the long run. It is best to avoid processed foods. Fresh meals prepared at home is the best food. Having meals at home can help stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Stress is also found to have an impact on the insulin production. Try meditation or yoga to calm your mind at all times. Controlling your diet is just what you need to fight the disease. You will be surprised to find that there are many options on the diabetes food list. They are delicious and can help you control your blood sugar levels.

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