11 Simple Home Remedies for Asthma Relief

Asthma, being a chronic condition, has no specific diagnosis or treatment, which is why identifying the causes will help better understand the symptoms.

Causes of asthma
Various allergies, smoking, consumption of tobacco, environmental factors, stress, tension, obesity, and even genetics can be leading causes of developing asthma symptoms with very few visual indicators to identify the cause.

Common symptoms of asthma

  • One of the common symptoms of asthma is a dry cough with phlegm. Home remedies can give temporary relief until the severity of the condition can be diagnosed, and a recommended course of treatment can be prescribed for the same.
  • A number of respiratory problems like difficulty in breathing, wheezing, respiratory infections, and shortness of breath are all caused due to the airways being blocked persistently, thus interrupting air flow going to your lungs.
  • A cough is a very common symptom and does not necessarily indicate that a person might be in the beginning stages of developing asthmatic problems.
  • However, a chronic cough is a clear indicator that the condition has been induced due to both internal and external allergens, which then is a clear cause for concern.

There are many ingredients that you can use at your home to counter at best cope with the after-effects fo asthma symptoms to alleviate some of the discomforts caused. Here are some easy home remedies you can incorporate into your daily diet to help tackle developing or even persistent asthma symptoms.
Parsley leaf: When it comes to herbal remedies, nothing beats parsley. Tea made from parley leaves will help soothe your throat and take care of any congestion that is causing difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Simple and very easy to make, parsley tea is a great remedy for respiratory symptoms of asthma.

Milk and olive oil: The combination of warm milk mixed with olive oil might not sound very appealing on the first onset; however, this has proven to be an effective natural remedy. A few garlic cloves added to this combination will open up blocked passageways without much effort or time invested.

Herbal tea: Two distinct ways of preparing herbal tea, one involves the use of licorice root, and the other is a combination of lime juice, crushed ginger, and herbal tea. Both will help tackle some of the moderate asthma symptoms, though the licorice recipe might taste a bit odd.

Bitter gourd juice: A tasty paste made by crushing basil leaves and mixing it with honey, incorporated into freshly extracted bitter gourd juice proves to be an effective remedy for people who are suffering from recurrent asthmatic attacks.

Soup: Soup not only is comfort food but also has time and time proven to be an effective remedy for asthma symptoms. Radish naturally has rich, strong properties, the juice of which when combined with some honey and freshly squeezed lemon will help in clearing up the respiratory tract. This helps open up the airways and aids in effective breathing.

Wild gooseberries: The juice of gooseberries, freshly squeezed when combined with honey not only makes a tasty drink, but also the combination helps tackle a number of asthma symptoms like a cough, wheezing, dry cough, and more.

Fruits: Fruits are rich in a number of vitamins and essential nutrients that are vital for the immune system which is why fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and oranges are all a great choice to prepare drinks which can help reduce the discomfort from various asthma symptoms. These fruits can also be combined to make tasty concoctions with lemon which is essentially rich in vitamin C.

Cooked vegetables: Inflammation of the airway is one of the most important symptoms of an asthma attack which is why vegetables which are rich in anti-inflammatory properties have been proven effective to reduce the discomfort. Onions are especially rich in anti-inflammatory properties which is why their consumption should be increased to help open up the airway and help with restoring normal breathing.

Honey: Honey is a very versatile ingredient which can be incorporated into any juice or mixture for providing long-term relief from asthma symptoms, provided it is consumed on a regular basis. A quick and natural remedy for asthma care, even a couple of spoonfuls every day will essentially do the trick.

Eucalyptus oil: A natural and very strong remedy when it comes to tackling many common asthma symptoms. Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water and take regular steams to help open up the nose canal and airways in your lungs to provide long-term relief. Simple and inexpensive, eucalyptus oil can be availed at any medical store.

Cloves and ginger: Both are rich in medicinal properties and being versatile ingredients, they can be incorporated into simple homemade recipes. Cloves and ginger can also be simply crushed and mixed with warm water and honey to provide good relief from recurrent or even persistent asthma symptoms.