7 Natural Remedies for Congestion Relief

Breathing can become a challenge when congestion strikes. Congestion can be caused due to various reasons including allergies, cold, flu, or sinus infection. There are numerous congestion remedies some of which involve the use of over-the-counter medications. However, there are numerous natural remedies which can be used as congestion remedies. These not only help a person recover from the ailment but also make the immune system stronger.

1. Use a vaporizer
Flu or cold can often make a person feel dry and dehydrated. It is here that a vaporizer or humidifier can act as one of the top congestion remedies. The extra component of humidity in these vaporizers will provide the much-needed relief to the patients.
Vaporizers add moisture in the air, and this helps in thinning of mucus which might have accumulated in the nose of the patient. A cold mist humidifier can be effectively used for a child since they can hurt themselves if a hot air humidifier is used to treat the congestion. The humidifier or vaporizer must be kept clean and dry otherwise the risk of bacterial growth in it is high.

2. Using a Neti pot for rinsing
Neti pots have been used for relieving congestion since long as an alternative system of medicine. Using the Neti Pot is very easy, and the person who desires to use it has to fill the same with saline solution. This solution is made of warm water and salt. This solution is inserted into one nostril, and the head is then tilted to the other side. This allows the solution to move through the nasal passage to the other nostril and will, therefore, clear the congestion. This is one of the effective congestion remedies and can be used at home.

3. Staying hydrated
Many people do not prefer to drink hot water when they experience congestion in any manner. It is essential to stay hydrated when suffering from congestion. In one such experiment, a group of people suffering from congestion was given a cold water based medicine while the other was given a medicine which was to be mixed and drunk in hot water. Though people in both these groups recovered from the congestion problem, those who took the warm water-based medicine recovered at a faster pace.
Therefore, it is not only necessary to stay hydrated but also sip warm water when suffering from congestion.
Green tea, chamomile-based warm water mixture can also be used to treat congestion problems. These natural congestion remedies not only provide long-term relief from congestion but also make the immune system of the person stronger.

4. Building immunity with vitamins and herbs
In cases where the congestion is due to cold, use of vitamin C based medications and fruits will help. However, congestion problems arising due to allergy-related problems cannot be cured by using vitamin C-based medications.
Use of menthol and eucalyptus-based herbs also help in the cleaning of congestion. Eucalyptus oil stream can also help in removing nasal congestion, thereby acting as effective congestion remedies.

5. Applying hot and cold pack to congested sinus
Hot and cold pack application across the bridge of the nose is another viable congestion remedy for getting relief from sinus. A cold pack can be easily made at home by tying some frozen peas or vegetables in a towel and using the same at the place where congestion is being felt. Similarly, for making a hot pack, a wet cloth piece can be heated in a microwave oven for a minute and then used on the affected area.
However, when using this technique, it should be ensured that the cloth is neither too hot nor too cold.

6. Eating some garlic
Garlic is known to have antifungal and anti-bacterial properties and can, therefore, be used as effective congestion remedies. Garlic cloves, when used for a longer duration, help in building the immunity levels, will treat cold and flu problems which will eventually clear up the congestion, if any.

7. Changing the night-time schedule
Congestion does disturb people at all times, but it is seen that congestion affects people the most during night hours. This congestion when it gets worst can make breathing difficult for people at night hours.
A person who suffers from congestion during the night hours should make efforts to get over this problem. An extra pillow can be put beneath the head as this will help the congestion in the nasal area clean up. The climate in the bedroom also needs to be humid, and a humidifier can also be used to clean up the congestion issues. Nasal breathing strips can also be tried in cases of severe nasal congestion.

If the congestion persists beyond 7–9 days, ideally a doctor needs to be consulted since the doctor might wish to try some medications also.