Best Sleep Medications You Should Try

People who tend to suffer from lack of sleep can try using sleep medications after prescription from a doctor if the need of using these medications arises. There is a range of medications available in the market which boasts to be the best sleep medication present in the current scenario.

However, whichever sleep medication people take up finally to deal with the problem is another issue, the point to understand here is that most of the best sleep medication usually has a strong sedative effect. These also help regulate the sleep after a person has remained insomniac for a longer duration owing to jet lag or any such travel issues.

Even the best sleep medications should only be taken when recommended by doctors as these might have some side effects. It is essential that whenever such sleep medication is taken these should be taken in recommended dosage otherwise the side effect can be disastrous.

People who suffer from serious health complications as high blood pressure and heart-related complications should avoid taking these medications altogether.

Below listed are some of the best over-the-counter sleep medications that a person can consider using.

Kirkland Signature
This is one of the most used and best sleep medications that can be taken. Kirkland signature is known to contain Doxylamine which has a sedative effect on the person. The effect of Kirkland varies with the age, sex and medical condition of a person but it is generally used by people who suffer from sleep complications. No side effect of this sleep medication has been noticed so far.

Unisom SleepGels
This sleep medication contains Diphenhydramine hydrochloride which is a common antihistamine used in sleep medications. The key advantage of this medicine is that it is available in three variants and size. A person opting for Unisom SleepGels to increase the incidence of sleep has a choice in terms of the size of the drug (25 to 50mg) and can take it as per the immediate need. It is however not as effective as Kirkland Signature but is definitely preferred by people who are looking for some extra sleep.

However, doctors recommend that a person should not increase the dose of this medication or any other such over-the-counter sleep medication as this can have a detrimental effect on the health of the person. If however, a person is using antihistamine drug for the first time, using Unison SleepGels is a good idea.

Zenwise Labs Sleep Support
This is another of the sleep medication that falls in the category of best sleep medication. This medication consists of magnesium, chamomile, and valerian which make a relaxation-inducing drug. People who have used Zenwise have slept well and have never faced any medical complication. A lighter dose of this medication would be ideal, to begin with, and the dosage can be increased if the need for the same arises over the course of time.

Luna as a sleep medication is one of the few over the counter medications which include a percentage of hops extract and vegetable cellulose in it. People who have used this over the counter medication for inducing sleep have never complained of any side effect. The company manufacturing Luna on its part says that if the medication does not have its desired effect, they will happily refund the money spent by the patient on the drug.

Berry Sleep
This is a non-addictive sleep medication which leaves the person feeling fresh the next day when they get up. This sleep medication has a fair composition of berry and fruit extracts which make it a desirable sleep medication. It also contains natural melatonin which is a safe sleep inducer, and the medication is known to have no side effect which has eventually led to it becoming popular.

Source Naturals
This is another of melatonin-based sleep inducer which is made by a reputed brand known the world over for its range of supplements. A key advantage of Source Naturals is that it also dissolves under the tongue and in cases where people are not able to swallow the drug, the same will melt itself in the mouth. It is also absorbed into the blood at a faster rate than any other similar sleep medication which makes it a much desirable over the counter sleep inducer. Doctors also recommend this sleep medication to patients who cannot swallow pills.

Vitafusion SleepWell
This is one of the popular and best sleep medications, which contains a large number of natural sleep-inducing agents. Vitafusion is known to contain melatonin along with chamomile which makes it a better medication for sleep. This is one of the best herbal sleep medications, which are recommended by doctors especially in cases when sleep disorders have reached a complex scenario.

These are some of the best sleep medications you may count on if you are facing any issues related to sleep.