Exercises for bulging disc pain relief

A bulging disc or a disc herniation brings about much discomfort and pain because it affects the spine which holds the body upright and brings about normal movements and mobility. While medication and invasive surgical methods may be employed for treatment of a bulging disc, one will also need to make a few changes in the diet and exercise routine so as to make daily progress towards treatment and management of the same. Let us look at a few exercises that one can indulge in, so as to get a bulging disc treatment.

The stretch and pull of the limbs that happens when we take a walk, can help in keeping the entire body well-energized and stretched. Walking is one of the top exercises, which must be practiced with the correct posture that can pose a chance of a bulging disc treatment. One must walk for at least half an hour a day. In case the pain is very severe, then the patient can split it into 15 minutes of walking, twice a day.

Swimming and water therapy are some of the most recommended forms of exercise when it comes to treatment of a bulging disc. The density of water makes it a good form of core building exercises, while the water itself can be a therapeutic element for the bulging disc treatment.

Moderate aerobics
You can also exercise with moderate aerobics so that your stamina and strength are well maintained. This will help in keeping the pressure off of the back so that the herniation does not press down on the nerves and surrounding tissue.

Stabilization exercises
There are many dynamic stabilization exercises that are aimed at the lumbar region so as to treat a bulging disc. For a bulging disc treatment, you can combine exercises that help in stretching and flexing even as your posture and flexibility get corrected.

Before you start any kind of exercise for bulging disc treatment, you should speak with a physiotherapist. Also, it would be advisable to start slowly and then build up a pace.