Here are Some Lower Back Pain Relief And Treatment Options

Lower back pain can be caused due to an injury to the spine, muscles, or ligaments in the lower back area of the body. In some cases, it can also be caused by the compression of nerves coming out from the spinal cord, due to some medical condition or accident.

Tearing or damage to the lumbar discs can also cause severe back pain and inflammation, that needs immediate attention.

Sometimes, pain in the lower back region can also result due to some degenerative condition like arthritis or osteoarthritis. It can also be caused due to tumors, infections or any other bone deformity.

The severity of the back pain depends on the degree of injury sustained by the spine. If the spine is badly bruised or injured in an accident, you must visit a doctor and get a check up done for any serious complications. However, if the pain is mild and is caused by sudden twisting or bending, it can be treated at home.

The treatment you opt for the Lower back pain relief depends on the nature and severity of the cause. Following are some of the treatment options available for Lower back pain relief.

Home remedies

Home remedies like hot or cold treatment are effective in alleviating back pain, by numbing the area or blocking the nerves from delivering the pain signals to the brain. You can also increase the blood flow in the area to reduce any swelling. An ice pack or a hot compress can be used to treat lower back pain.

Antibiotic Medication

If the home remedies do not work for you, you can consult a doctor and can follow a treatment course.

Muscle Relaxants to relax the muscles that surrounds the lower back and to ease the pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs to reduce inflammation caused by injuries.

Narcotic Drugs Or Painkillers for short term acute pain relief.

Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections for long term chronic pain relief.

Alternative Treatments

If you have tried every home remedy and nothing seems to work for you, alternative treatments are another safe option that you can try to get rid of lower back pain problems.

These treatments are good for people who do not want to take antibiotic medication for a long time, or for the ones who have not found them effective enough.


Acupuncture works by pressing certain target areas in the body to increase blood flow, and relieve stress and muscle spasms.

Visit A Chiropractor

A couple of visits to the chiropractor can help in the treatment of lower back pain through manual manipulation.

A Soothing Massage

Sometimes, back pain is a result of a muscle or a tendon being pulled in the wrong direction. A massage in the affected area using a medicated oil like clove oil, can help to alleviate the symptoms of back pain. It can also help to reduce inflammation in the area.

Back Braces

In cases of postoperative back pain, or pain due to pregnancy, a back brace can be used to support the back so that it is not damaged further.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes the pain in different parts of the body, especially in the lower back, originates from faulty habits and modern sedentary lifestyle. Since we have become heavily dependant on machines for almost all our work, the spine suffers a huge blow due to inactivity.

The more comfortable the lifestyle, the more risk of the spine being inactive, which in turn causes issues in the lower back. Making significant changes in your lifestyle can reduce the risk of pain attacks in the future, and can also help you combat existing ones.


Regular yoga practice can help you get rid of any muscle strains. It also helps to rebuild strength in your body, and increase flexibility to reduce chances of injury.

Yoga also helps in releasing endorphins in the body, which reduces stress and anxiety. It contributes to overall health and development of the muscles and bones in the spine.


Lower back pain can be experienced due to minor spinal injuries, due to sudden movements. This kind of pain can be relieved by regular stretching of the hamstrings and other muscles in the back.

Mindful Meditation

Regular meditation can help in reducing daily stress and anxiety, which contribute towards chronic back pain.

Meditation also helps to relax the mind and body, by releasing endorphins and other chemicals in the body. This alleviates your mood and block pain signals.

Surgical Treatments

Surgical treatments are the last preferred treatment course. They are opted for, only if the back pain is due to some severe medical condition, or if the pain is chronic and lasts for more than 3 months.

Minimally invasive surgical options are available today, which are performed easily in less time and require less recuperation time, post the surgery.

The major surgical options for Lower back pain relief are:

Decompression Surgery

Decompression surgery is meant for relieving compressed nerves or nerve roots, which cause severe lower back pain.

It is a common treatment for lumbar herniated disc.

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal fusion surgery is another treatment option which can be done from the front, back, or side of the spinal cord, to relieve chronic back pain.

Artificial Disc Surgery

There are surgical treatments available for disc related back problems. One of these options involve the installation of an artificial lumbar disc, by a surgical procedure. Consult a doctor immediately if you have severe back pain.