HGH Bodybuilding- What You Need to Know

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is the hormone that fosters growth by regenerating cells, boosting the immune system, and increasing protein synthesis in your body. HGH is responsible for the optimal functioning of your muscles and tissues.

The pituitary gland, which is at the base of your brain, produces HGH and secretes it directly into the bloodstream. This happens when you are asleep. Too much or too little growth hormone secretion causes health issues for an individual. However, some bodybuilders use HGH for bodybuilding.

HGH bodybuilding provides many advantages to the bodybuilder. Growth hormone helps in building muscle mass, enhances energy levels, and burns fat. But it doesn’t just end there. There is a range of other benefits that human growth hormone can provide, both for bodybuilders, and people looking to maintain good health simply. Some of the other benefits are explained below.

Enhanced metabolism

Your metabolic rate decreases with age. Your metabolism consequently becomes slower as well. Bodybuilding has no age limit; it just needs passion and constant dedication. HGH bodybuilding not only builds muscle mass but also burns fat. This is because HGH speeds up your metabolism, which is very important for burning fat and building muscle mass.

Immune system strengthening

HGH is capable of boosting your immune system as well. This is an advantage to the bodybuilder as the cell generation process is quicker. You can fight any sickness, torn muscles, and even recover in a better, faster way because of a healthier immune system. The recovery from dead cells is also at a higher rate as HGH boosts the production of white blood cells and t cells.

Better mental health

No amount of bodybuilding is worth putting your mental health at stake. Bodybuilding is a science that needs focus and determination, for which you should be mentally fit and able. HGH reduces the risk of issues like depression and enables healthy brain function and clarity of thought. This is because the lack of secretion of HGH leads to a chemical imbalance in the body, resulting in a lack of blood flow to the brain. This can have a detrimental effect on your mental health.

There are two reasons why HGH is advantageous for bodybuilding:

  1. Research shows that injection of HGH directly impacts muscle growth. When HGH was injected into mice, the body of the mice became better and stronger as the hormone settled between the pituitary gland and the muscle tissue. When the hormone is injected into muscle tissue, it starts developing more mass, giving bodybuilders the bulk that they want.
  2. The hormone has to travel through the bloodstream to impact muscle tissue. During this process, the blood cells are regenerated at a higher rate, and the dead blood cells are removed quickly. The higher the production of blood cells, the higher will be the building of muscle mass and burning of fat. This, in turn, strengthens the immune system, keeping the body and the mind fit.

There are two ways to get the intake of human growth hormone required for HGH Bodybuilding: injections and supplements.


One main rule of bodybuilding is to eat as much as you can and try to meet your nutritional requirements through food. It’s hard to gain weight when HGH is depleted or exhausted. By eating a significant amount of carbohydrates and protein, the body will be able to push itself harder during a workout. You will not be quickly drained of energy and can give it your 100%.

The body must be fed with food that’s rich in carbohydrates and protein every 2-3 hours. It is also advisable to take weight gainers between meals, to supply additional nutrition to your body. There is a cycle of supplements, i.e., as supplements increase they will lead to an increase in hormone secretion and a rise in blood sugar, which will then increase your appetite. This increase in appetite will help you eat more and build muscle mass quickly.


Injected HGH should ideally never be more than 13 IUs a day, even for bodybuilders. Start out slow with around 4 IUs, and work your way up. This is because injections are used only for the body to stimulate the body into secreting HGH naturally. The basic aim of injections is to stimulate the pancreas to produce more HGH.

The best time to inject HGH is on an empty stomach in the morning. This is because the injections work better on an empty stomach. The second injection should be taken only after 3-4 hours of the first injection.

As the blood concentration levels of HGH will be higher at this time, you can work out more intensely. Most fitness enthusiasts prefer running on an empty stomach after the first injection, as this accelerates fat burning and speeds up your metabolism.

It is true that HGH gives you a fitter, healthier body, but too much of anything is bad. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Regular food habits, getting the right amount of sleep, and being physically active will result in you seeing positive results. Following a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, even if the goal is not becoming a bodybuilder. After all, health is wealth!

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