How to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating

Stomach gas is not an unknown thing for most people. It can invite pain and discomfort and, sometimes, can put you in a very embarrassing situation. Bloating is a typical protestation, affecting a large number of grown-ups. Stomach bloating can interfere with a person’s ability to work and engaged in recreational programs. You become vulnerable to abdominal bloating when your abdomen gets filled with gas or air. This condition makes the abdominal area appear bigger than normal. A tight feeling in the abdomen can be associated with this condition, and you may find it pretty hard to touch. One of the common symptoms is the abdominal pain, and it is caused by gas originating between the pelvis and chest. What are the best excessive gas and bloating remedy options available?

Use ginger tea
If you feel some uneasiness and heartburn with the stomach bloating, ginger is an excellent option. Ginger contains two chemicals called gingerols and shogaols, and they loosen up the intestinal tract in a fast manner. Ginger is also capable of preventing any aggravation, and the root works as a carminative to stop the overabundance gas. You must take one crisp gingerroot, honey, lemon juice and hot water. The gingerroot tea can be made in several ways. One of the best methods is to take a medium-sized crude gingerroot, and it should be cleaned thoroughly using warm water. It should be cut into 4 to 6 small pieces, and you must place them in a huge mug. A small quantity of lemon or nectar can be added as well. Then, boiling water has to be spilled over the cuts, and after a few minutes, you must turn off the heat. It has to be covered and steeped for 10 minutes. Add honey to this mixture.

Coriander is really good
Coriander offers a wide range of health benefits, and many people use it for treating indigestion. It can assist you in settling the stomach. You can use it to get relief from burning sensations involved with gas formation. Roasted coriander seeds should be added to a cup of buttermilk, and it can be consumed to treat excessive gas and bloating. Another option is to add one teaspoon of dried coriander leaves to one cup of boiling water and it can be taken to control the bloating related discomforts. If you are suffering from the serious gas problem, you can increase the intake up to 1 glass.

Chamomile tea offers excellent relief
You do not have to convince anybody about the benefits of chamomile. It is an excellent antispasmodic agent, and you can mitigate bloating and gas with the help of chamomile tea. Indigestion and acid reflux causes excessive gas and bloating remedy. Chamomile tea is a great remedy to keep excessive gas and bloating issues. The best combination is lemon juice, honey, hot water and chamomile tea. First of all, you have to take 1 glass of hot water, and it must be spilled over tea sack. The next step is to allow the tea steep for 15 minutes, and then, the stack should be pressed to get all the nutrients. Before consumption, add lemon juice and honey.

Fennel seeds deliver good results
Fennel is a highly beneficial herb for treating heartburn, and it gets rid of all gas and bloating related pain and discomforts. These seeds make stomach healthy and the blazing sensations can be prevented easily. Broiled fennel seeds can be added to a glass of buttermilk, and it can be consumed. If you are suffering from gas in the chest or due to acid reflux, the zesty or greasy sustenance of fennel seeds cures this problem in the best manner. The oil available in fennel seeds lower uneasiness and also controls flatulence.

Eating pumpkin offers best results

Gas is formed due to the improper nourishment absorption, and you may become vulnerable to this condition high fiber food intake. Fiber is pretty difficult for the human body to process and it passes through your gut in mass. Excess intake of fiber creates a mixed bag of gasses, and you can add pumpkin to reduce the measure of gas created. Pumpkin works as a great remedy to ward off the excessive gas and bloating of the stomach. If you eat the beginning stage of gas formation, you will get excellent relief. You can eat a bowl of pumpkin that is seared, steamed or heated.

Other leading excessive gas and bloating remedy options are lemon water, anise seed, cinnamon, a combination of baking soda and lemon juice, garlic, buttermilk, and peppermint tea. You must increase your water intake and regular exercise also helps you control the gas and bloating. Natural probiotics such as kimchi, yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, and tempeh make the digestion process smooth, and there are over the counter and prescribed medications available for treating gas and bloating as well.

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