Natural Treatment Methods for Swollen Ankles

Swollen ankles can cause a number of problems when it comes to one’s mobility, in addition to pain and cramps. There are many swollen ankle treatments that one can turn to, so as to ease this pain and promote better mobility. These methods can also help in alleviating the pain and unease as well as the numbness experienced when one has swollen feet and ankles. Here are a few natural methods that you can administer for your swollen ankles treatment.

Short Walks: While rest is one of the best methods, especially for swollen legs ankles treatment, one should also keep moving in small breaks so that there is better blood circulation in the area. Swollen legs and ankles will get better mobility when one gets up and takes short walks. You can simply get up from your desk or your bed to take a few steps around the room or the hall, or step out for a quick walk nearby with some fresh and natural air all around you.

Compression Socks: When you are suffering from swollen legs and ankles, you will also experience constant pain, cramps and even spasms. These spasms and cramps become even more apparent when one is sleeping. So, you can turn to compression socks which give support and help in swollen ankles treatment as well.

Epsom Salt Foot Soak: If you are experiencing swollen ankles and feet, you would benefit greatly from a foot soak that consists of warm water and Epsom salt. You should soak your feet in this concoction for at least a half an hour to get natural swollen ankles treatment. If you are facing numbness in the legs due to swollen ankles and legs, then you would do well to check the temperature of the water with your hands before dipping your feet in. This will prevent any unpleasant scalding.

In case you notice any kind of blisters or ulcerations along with the swollen feet and ankles, then you will need to report the same to the doctor immediately so that he or she may examine your legs for any kind of infection.