Popular Natural Remedies For Treating Allergies

There are several people in this globe who suffer from allergies. These are nothing but seasonal event, that occur especially during season-changing times. These are caused by the reaction of our immune system to some pollen or other things. People rely upon drugs but there are some side effects too if you don’t consider a specialist in this case. If you want to try some natural or herbal ways, there are certain alternatives that can be effective if used regularly for a longer time. These substances are beneficial for natural allergy treatment.

This is a herb and works by preventing leukotriene and help in clearing the nasal passages. The extract of the roots (Ze 339) is pretty much beneficial like releasing antihistamines and called as ‘non sedative antihistamines’.

To clear blocked nasal passages due to allergens, the herbal tonics are of great use.
It has gathered sufficient mainstream attention of medical community. It demonstrates that usage of neti pot is good for preventing band treating different respiratory ailments like acute sinusitis, or cold as well as the seasonal allergies.

Remember that water must be distilled and sterile and Tap water is full of chlorine of Fluoride which are not good to cure sinuses. As an alternative, you can also mix sea salt with lukewarm water and suck through nostrils.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Unfiltered and raw ACV is best for natural allergy treatment as it contains “Mother” of vinegar. You can start your day with a glass of water having a teaspoon of ACV and some lemon juice. In case of allergy, take one teaspoon of ACV in the neti pot solution for best result.

It is usually found in vegetables of cruciferous families, fruits, wines, onions, green teas and also in citrus fruits This substance is bioflavonoid which fixes the histamine releases and regulate the signs of allergies naturally. A review on Slovakia has depicted this bioflavonoid to slow down the asthmatic action by decreasing the hyperactive airways. The life risking peanut allergies can be handled also through this substance. If you believe in long term cure, you can begin right before the season so that your system gets ready to take the charge of the immunity.

Local Honey
As my mother used to tell me to take honey on a daily basis, it’s that much effective. But you must take the local honey which is raw and full of benefits. It builds a good resistance power against allergies which are caused by pollens.
According to one article of International Archives of Allergy and Immunology published, if you take honey before the season arrives, it can help in combating pollen allergies and a decrease of 60% in terms of symptoms are seen.
Use 1 tbsp raw honey regularly.

Frankincense Essential Oil
These oils acquire the magical capacity to even destroy cancer cells. Apart from the much celebrated way of this component, it has been published in a Research journal that orally taken frankincense can stimulate immunity by boosting antibodies like IgG, IgM, and interferon. You can rub frankincense behind the ears or on chest areas as well as can diffuse in your workplace and home.

Ancient History has shown usage of stinging nettle since Middle ages. It has diuretic property to cause relief to people suffering from acute joint pains. It’s useful in treating urinary tract infections, joint pains, Hay fever, benign prostatic hyperplasia etc and even regulate histamine. Many doctors suggest using the freeze-fried one prior to hay fever times.

Nowadays everyone knows that the immunity comes from the gut. Our gastrointestinal tract stores almost 80% of our immune function. Henceforth, usage of probiotics is absolutely beneficial and it has a link in reducing allergic reactions. As per a journal, women who use probiotics in their pregnancy, build good immunity for their kids.

There are three most important things that you need to consider when you opt for natural allergy remedies. It is important to know the risk involved along with the interactions. It is true that these are reasonably safe options but it is better to contact the doctor before taking any supplement especially if you have any other medical condition, age under 18, using medicines or pregnant/lactating. These natural remedies are best for long term use but take opinions from your doctor before trying any one of them. Don’t use any unknown plant extracts of some distantly related species as you have read it somewhere. Cross-check all the details before jumping on any conclusion. In doing this, you may harm yourself with some other health issues. Plants of same families or genera might not be identical to cure one particular allergy. Hence be cautious if you’re planning to start a long term cure. Get proper knowledge and then only use it.