Popular Treatment Options for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence treatment refers to the urine leakage in an involuntary way. If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, you develop a tendency to urinate when you do not actually want to urinate. It occurs when you lose control over the urinary sphincter. What are the most popular urinary continence treatment methods?

Exercises for pelvic floor muscles are a good option
Several doctors advocate pelvic floor muscle exercises for urinary incontinence treatment. These exercises often known as Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles that control the urination process. They are effective urinary incontinence treatment options. You have to imagine that you are going to prevent the urine flow and then, the muscles that you use to urinate need to be contracted or tightened. You must remain in this position for 5 seconds, and the muscles should be kept relaxed for 5 seconds. During the initial stages, the contraction and relaxation processes can be done for 2 to 3 minutes, and after two or three days, the duration can be increased to 5 seconds. As you gain experience, you can hold the contraction for 10 seconds at a time. To get maximum benefits, you must do three sets of 10 repetitions every day. A physical therapist can help you perform this exercise effectively, or you can depend on biofeedback techniques to find out and contract the right muscles.

Making use of behavioral techniques offers better results
There are different types of behavioral techniques, and they include bladder training, double voiding, scheduled toilet trips and effective diet and fluid management. Bladder training helps you delay urination whenever there is an urge. You can start this procedure by attempting to hold off for 10 minutes whenever there is an urge to urinate. The primary purpose of bladder exercise is to extend the time between visits to the toilet and over a period, you can lengthen the duration to 3 hours or more. You learn how to empty the bladder fully to eliminate overflow incontinence with double voiding. First of all, you need to urinate and then, wait for a couple of minutes before urinating again. Scheduling the toilet trips refers to the process of urinating within every 2 to 4 hours instead of waiting for the next urge to urinate. Fluid and diet management allows you to restore the ability to control the bladder. If you have a habit of consuming alcohol, you must avoid or reduce the consumption. The intake of acidic foods or caffeine must also be reduced or stopped. Losing weight, controlled intake of liquid and increased physical activity also help you regain the control over the bladder.

Electrical stimulation is a beneficial choice
Electrodes are used to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic muscles. It is being done by inserting electrodes into the vagina or rectum. If you are suffering from stress or urge incontinence, these stimulations are extremely effective and several stimulations spanning over many months offer excellent results.

Common medical devices for urinary incontinence treatment
The urethral insert can be used for the urinary incontinence treatment. This disposable device is inserted into the urethra, and it works as a plug for stopping leakage. This device is taken out before urination. Another device that is being widely used for the urinary incontinence treatment is Pessary. It can be described as a stiff ring that is inserted into the vagina, and you can wear it throughout the day. It is an excellent option if the prolapse is the major reason behind your incontinence.

Popular medications for addressing urinary incontinence
Doctors prescribe Anticholinergics to pacify or soothe your overactive bladder, and some of the most popular Anticholinergics are Trospium, Darifenacin, Oxybutynin, and Tolterodine. Mirabegron is another medication that is being widely used for the urinary incontinence treatment. It creates a relaxing effect on the bladder muscle, and you acquire the ability to hold an increased amount of urine in the bladder. You can discard the increased amount of urine at a time, and it allows you to empty your bladder fully every time. Another popular medication is alpha blockers, and they are highly effective in men who are suffering from overflow or urge incontinence. These medications create a relaxing effect on the prostate muscles fibers and bladder neck muscles to make the process of emptying the bladder easier. Topical estrogen is a vaginal cream that can be applied to the vaginal areas and they are also available in the form of patch or ring. These products get engaged in the process of toning and rejuvenating the urethral tissues.

Other popular urinary incontinence treatment methods include bulking material injections, Botox injections, nerve stimulators, sling procedures, bladder neck suspension, prolapse surgery and artificial urinary sphincter. You can also use pads, protective garments or catheter to treat urinary incontinence.