Win the Battle Against Aging with Essential Vitamins

Glowing skin is an indication of perfect health condition and also the fact that your health is not declining with the passing phase of time. Yet, the efforts that are usually being made to retain the suppleness of the skin are more with an eye on appearance, rather than health reasons.

Interestingly to win over the inevitable process of aging, most of us believe and rely on various types of cosmetics. In fact, there is bountiful of beauty products in the market that claims to contain various antioxidants that can help you reverse the cycle of aging. Investigations and researchers in the beauty space have however claimed that such products rarely provide any effective result!

Hence, are anti-aging vitamins a myth? Simply no! However, they act better when consumed as dietary nutrients, rather than creams that are to be applied to the skin! Three anti-aging vitamins can do wonders for your skin and can help you fight the process of aging. In this article, we will examine their benefits.

One of the prime anti-aging vitamins that we talk about here, is selenium. This is one of the elemental nutritive intakes that can help a person prevent the dreaded disease of skin cancer. This element enters the body and prevents the adverse effects that can be caused due to being exposed to the sun’s ray for a long time. Selenium is also great for providing extra elasticity of the tissues. This is an aspect that reduces the rate of aging that occurs in the body. It also prevents the process of hardening of the tissues. One can get excellent quality of selenium through regular intakes of eggs, garlic, seafood, and cereals.

Research has revealed that selenium is better absorbed by the body when it is consumed through dietary intake, rather than through application on the skin. It has been further noticed that if this nutritive element is included in the diet on a regular basis, it can prevent a huge index of damage that can otherwise be caused due to exposure to UV rays. Investigations have further revealed that selenium can also delay cancer of the skin amongst animals. However, this claim requires further investigation and research, through which improved benefits can be enjoyed by people.

Vitamin E
Skin specialists are of the opinion that Vitamin E happens to be one of the most important anti-aging vitamins that act as one of the best antioxidants, to prevent the process of aging. This is a nutritive element that protects the human cell membranes and also acts as a safeguard for the enzymes of the cell membranes. Some of the natural food items that are rich in Vitamin E content are grains, nuts, oats, dairy products and sunflower oil. Research into this domain has also revealed that Vitamin E is a nutritive element that can help the general radical elements and can also prevent the growth of cancer cells in the skin.

In case you feel that your food intake of Vitamin E is not enough, then you can also consider taking Vitamin E supplements. These supplements are available in the market in various forms and can be taken on the advice of a doctor.

Vitamin C
We now come to the third and the last anti-aging vitamin that we will discuss in this article. Citrus fruits and vegetables are the most common source through which you can get ample amounts of Vitamin C. In this context; it can be elaborated that Vitamin C is one of the elemental antioxidants that can help to repair radical elements. This helps to slow down the aging process and also prevent the growth of cancerous cells.
Sadly enough, it has been seen that today’s environmental conditions and the high levels of pollution are one of the main reasons why people suffer from skin problems. Even minimal exposure to extreme sun’s rays can deplete the level of Vitamin C in our skin. The greenhouse effect and the elevating temperatures of the world are yet another reason why the human skin is exposed to so much danger.

In such a scenario, we see that maximum number of people, especially women, are giving importance to anti-aging vitamins that can be found in creams and other cosmetics. These creams are coveted and bought by women worldwide in the hope of restoring youth. Whereas in reality, it does nothing to protect your skin! In fact, investigations have proved the fact that anti-aging vitamins in creams interact with environmental elements and disintegrates really fast. This is why it does not contribute to the health of the skin.